our goal is to create a first-class neighborhood that embraces family traditions, includes incredible recreational features and amenities, and provides an affordable new home value to our residents.


Our guiding tenants are a laser-sharp focus on elevating even the smallest details, bringing in only the most reputable homebuilders, and working with cities and HOAs in ways that ensure home values within our developments will increase for years to come.

The results are a strong sense of community, and an elevated lifestyle and value you won’t find in any other development.


A Huffines Community is our most intimate neighborhood, usually not exceeding 300 homes, give or take a few. Developed in one single phase, residents can enjoy a sense of exclusivity as they share the private amenities created just for them. In this kind of development, a close-knit community feel is fostered through the thoughtful layout of recreational features like pools, dog parks, parks and playgrounds, and open green space. These features provide shared spaces for residents to build relationships with one another.


A Huffines Master Planned Community implements the same level of detail and community-togetherness as a Huffines Community, only on a slightly larger scale. A master planned community is a multi-phase development, taking at least a few years to complete. Within these multiple phases present an opportunity for a greater measure of amenities, such as multiple parks and recreation features in convenient locations through the neighborhood. The additional space allows for us to incorporate a lake system at the community entrance, a telltale sign of a Huffines master planned community. A master planned community will have an on-site HOA manager to help manage the maintenance of this larger sized community.


A Huffines Signature Community™ represents master planned living on our largest scale. These communities are grand, built in multiple phases of development over several years. The size of these communities allows our builders to offer multiple product types, and provides the option for commercial product. Extensive amenities allow our company’s owners to flex their creative muscles, designing unique and impressive recreational features inspired by their world travels. Attention to the smallest details from land planning to execution elevate these developments above the competition.

Even in these sizable developments, maintaining a close-knit community feel is our specialty. Smaller, named “villages” within the large neighborhood encourage immediate neighbors to feel a sense of community amongst themselves, and year-round HOA-hosted social events ensure all residents have the opportunity for fellowship with one another.



No matter what Huffines Communities development you decide to build in, you will find only quality homebuilders, sparkling amenities, and a sense of community with your neighbors, all while enjoying an increase in value and an elevated lifestyle.

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