What Makes a Signature Community?

Huffines Communities is renowned for identifying strategically located real estate which possesses great intrinsic value often impaired by significant unsolved development issues. Value is created and harvested through the creative resolution of these issues. Understanding the political process combined with the ability and experience of Huffines team members in working – and partnering – with local, state and federal government agencies is many times the critical element.

Decisions to entitle and sell or to pursue horizontal/vertical development activities are made considering market trends, upside development potential and return requirements. Should horizontal/vertical development be pursued, Huffines Communities has repeatedly demonstrated its foresight, vision, and ability to deliver successful, award-winning developments which generate solid investment returns.

While real estate is sometimes purchased for investment to be taken through entitlements/restructuring and sold, our passion is in creating new urbanism, mixed use sustainable environments that provide the finest living experience possible. Huffines Communities strives to develop unique and extraordinary live, work and play environments.

Huffines will not pursue horizontal or vertical development without being able to create a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace. The seasoned Huffines team has the experience and ability to see beyond the obvious to accomplish this. With foresight, financial stability and commitment to excellence Huffines Communities spends the time, energy, research and diligence necessary to create first-class, unique real estate developments which are successful, sustainable, and profitable.