What Makes a Huffines Signature Community?

A Huffines Signature Community™ is designed to create an exceptional lifestyle for each and every resident.

From the community drive up to the driveways, from the street signs to the street curves, from social interaction to student education, we consider all the details that contribute to living well when planning a Huffines Signature Community™.

Our goal is to make our communities welcoming. This starts with our entries, which always feature a special element such as lakes, to help impart a physical sense of calm as you arrive home.

Calm becomes captivated, as beautiful homes appear around every bend of our curved streets, and once arriving home, extra wide sidewalks beckon the entire family outside– there’s plenty of room for all!

Trees are strategically planted between sidewalks and streets simultaneously shading strolling neighbors and parked vehicles. Street signs are enhanced with decorative detail, and even the manhole covers bear the community emblem and date of establishment. Landscaping required at the ends of every driveway ensures you see beauty instead of concrete as you gaze down the street.

Our entrance lakes are stocked with fish for catch-and-release fun, enhancing them from a pleasant drive-by site to a walkable family destination. Multiple parks and amenities throughout our communities give families somewhere to enjoy spending time with friends and neighbors outside of the home.

All of these details are engineered to work together to enhance the living experience. But we don’t stop at community features. We know the quality of your life’s journey is improved by the meaningful connections you make along the way.

That’s why we design our communities to facilitate interaction amongst neighbors and connect people within the community. Our residents live in smaller “villages” within the community, named, and easily recognized by their own entrances to further facilitate you knowing your neighbors. Kids in the community form friendships as they attend on-site schools, a part of local ISDs.

We build magnificent amenity centers -the envy of the metroplex – giving residents a place to gather and socialize, and our on-site Home Owners Associations host community events for all ages throughout the year. More than hosting events, our HOAs ensure the protection of your home’s value because we know your home is your greatest investment.

We look beyond the obvious in planning the details of our Signature Communities, which takes months of consideration before we ever break ground. We spend the time others won’t, so you can live like others don’t.

Because in a Huffines Signature Community™, it’s about more than the house; it’s about how you live.