array(2) { [0]=> array(19) { ["postid"]=> int(53) ["title"]=> string(7) "Harmony" ["address"]=> NULL ["city"]=> string(7) "Rowlett" ["state"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["zip"]=> NULL ["phone"]=> NULL ["link"]=> string(52) "" ["lat"]=> string(10) "32.9355008" ["lng"]=> string(18) "-96.55165169999998" ["thumb"]=> string(79) "" ["proptype"]=> string(16) "Luxury Apartment" ["status"]=> string(6) "Active" ["school"]=> string(11) "Garland ISD" ["price"]=> string(67) "One, two, three bedroom apartment homes from $942 - $1734 per month" ["marker"]=> string(22) "mapmarker_huffines.png" ["awards"]=> string(39) "2019 Multifamily Community of the Year!" ["buildout"]=> string(3) "644" ["units"]=> string(5) "units" } [1]=> array(19) { ["postid"]=> int(73) ["title"]=> string(18) "Hebron 121 Station" ["address"]=> NULL ["city"]=> string(10) "Lewisville" ["state"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["zip"]=> NULL ["phone"]=> NULL ["link"]=> string(63) "" ["lat"]=> string(10) "33.0059644" ["lng"]=> string(18) "-96.95999110000002" ["thumb"]=> string(88) "" ["proptype"]=> string(16) "Luxury Apartment" ["status"]=> string(6) "Active" ["school"]=> string(14) "Lewisville ISD" ["price"]=> string(78) "apartments, mansion-style apartments and townhomes from $900 - $2400 per month" ["marker"]=> string(22) "mapmarker_huffines.png" ["awards"]=> string(37) "2x Multifamily Community of the Year!" ["buildout"]=> string(4) "1425" ["units"]=> string(5) "units" } }