High Theft Rate at 2018 Huffines Christmas Party

December 19, 2018 FILED UNDER:

You wait patiently for your number to be called. You’ve seen the gifts everyone before you has opened, and you have your eye on that one Item that would be really useful–you didn’t know you needed it until you saw it, but now you know you can’t live without it. With laser focus you hone in on the Item, but discreetly, so others around you don’t get any ideas about what you’re really interested in. You do your best to appear nonchalant as present after present are opened, none piquing your interest as much as the Item does. You’re on the edge of your seat waiting for your turn to steal it, and your nerves shake as other people circle the room getting near it, some even touching it. 

Thankfully, the Item remains available to steal. It is passed up by those before you and your turn is getting closer. You feel bad for the person with the Item because, of course, you know their impending doom. You hope they don’t really want it, or at least not as much as you do, because you like the person and want them to have a nice gift. Nonetheless, you will be taking the Item, that much is set in your mind. Whatever happens afterward will be dealt with as needed. 

Finally, your number is called. Weight falls off your shoulders as you rise to claim your prize. Steals are still in play, so it’s important not to appear too eager. As casually as you can, you step over boxes and wrapping paper that’s been strewn about and make your way to the Item. You receive the reward for your patience. You offer a consoling look to the Item’s previous owner, and feign an offer for them to keep it “if they really want it.” By the grace of God they say “No, take it.” They are an angel. Relieved and content, you return to your seat with the precious Item. 

Before you even have a chance to sit down, someone taps you on the shoulder. 

What’s this? Could it be? Someone is here to steal the Item from you! 

Oh, the agony! There’s nothing you can do! The Item has been on the floor the entire game with plenty of chances to be stolen but by some act of Grinch it is just now being poached — after you took your turn.

The rules of the game dictate you can’t steal it back and you are forced to choose another gift. There’s nothing left under the tree but the gift you brought, an item of great usefulness that you purchased because you love yours so much. You suspect, however, the usefulness of your gift would be exponentially diminished by owning two. After all, would two Bluetooth headsets even pair at the same time? 

No, you must choose from those items remaining on the floor- all except your Item. Nothing you’ve seen the whole party has so captured your desire as the Item, so reluctantly you settle on plucking your own gift from under the tree and think, “Thank God I saved the receipt.” 

The above is a true story of one Huffines’ employee’s experience at this year’s Christmas Party and white elephant gift exchange. Don’t feel too bad for her though. After all, that roller coaster of emotions got me her really invested in the whole gift exchange, making it one fun party. 

In all seriousness, Christmas is a time to reflect on all the gifts we’ve been blessed to receive in our lives. Gainful employment at a family-oriented company surrounded by colleagues we are lucky enough to call friends is certainly one of them.

The Huffines Communities team had a wonderful Christmas celebration together, and from our work family to yours, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!