Inspiration Entryway Featured in Stone World Magazine

February 2, 2017 FILED UNDER:

Our Master Planned Communities are unique from your average neighborhood in many ways. Our attention to the little details makes a big impression.

We spend a lot of time and brainpower developing innovative and clever design elements which give our communities a luxurious touch and ensure that they fit naturally within the surrounding landscape.

We are passionate that all of our real estate contribute to a sustainable environment, and part of making that vision a reality is incorporating what the land has to offer into our design.

One aspect of building in uniquely beautiful areas means overcoming unique developmental challenges that an average subdivision developer would shy away from.

Inspiration, our community in Wylie, TX, takes advantage of a beautiful, natural rolling hillscape– a rare find in the flat Texas lands around Dallas.

However a pre-existing grouping of powerlines is not so beautiful or natural…and just happened to be a prominent visual feature when entering Inspiration.

In true Huffines Communities fashion, we faced this challenge head-on and solved the problem through innovation.

We had big land and big powerlines, we needed a big solution. So we designed a massive entryway made of stone pillars and metal arches.

The design elements of size, scope, and materials met our need for an entryway that felt grand enough to usher visitors into our sprawling, hilly acres, maintained a sense of compatibility with the natural elements in our landscape, and solved the powerline issue by masking their view at the entrance.

The stone pillars and metal arches at the Inspiration entryway are a beautiful feat of clever engineering, and a one-of-a-kind landmark positioning our development above the rest.

Stone World magazine published an article on their website featuring our magnificent entryway, and giving credit to the fine details which we care so much about, such as the type of stone we chose to use in the architecture of the entryway.

Read the whole article by Jason Kamery here.